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USRC 2022 Conference CRCE  Claim for Credit

Pre Conference Leadership Session

Supporting Staff through Burnout

Diane Passey LCMHC

Role of RTs in Care Transition for Hospitalized COPD Patients

Patrick Dunne MEd, FAARC, RRT

Excellence Defines Us: An Update from NBRC

Lori Tinkler, CEO NBRC

Can We Do This On The Floor? Inpatient Management of Technology Dependent Patients

Christopher Miller, MD

Making Sense of Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Trauma

Matt Quackenbush LCSW

Endobronchial Ultrasonography

Chakravarthy Reddy, MD

The Basic Concept of NAVA and Edi

Rebecca Boyd, RRT, RRT-NPS

Making Lasting Changes on Unplanned Extubations in a Pediatric Hospital

David A. Clegg MBA, BSRT, RRT, RRT-NPS

The Journey for trach ventilated patients from the NICU to decannulation


The Beginning of a New Era - USRC Student Chapter

Jenny Humes, MHA, RRT, Christina Magallan RRT, Louis J Giguere RRT, Tyler Tilkens RRT and

Carla Fetzer RRT

The NHLBI 2020 Focused Updates to the Asthma 

Management Guidelines

Derek A. Uchida MD

Employee Stress and Burnout

Diane Passey LCMHC

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