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Government Affairs

USRC State Advocacy

H.B. 176 (Signed into law on 3/23/22)

Creates the Utah Health Workforce Advisory Council; requires the council to provide information and recommendations to government entities regarding policy decisions that affect Utah's health workforce; creates the Utah Health Workforce Information Center; requires the information center to conduct research and analyze data regarding Utah's health workforce. The Council's focus is on health workforce supply, employment trends and demands, options for training and education, and developing strategies to address shortages, recruitment, and retention. Two priority groups for data collection have been established.  Respiratory care is in the second priority group.  After the council approves data to be collected, the department shall request the data from a licensee when a licensee applies for a license or renews the licensee's license.

AARC National Advocacy

H.R. 4932/S. 2741 Creating Opportunities Now for New and Effective Care Technologies  (CONNECT Act)

H.R. 3637/S. 2747

The Allied Health Workforce Diversity Act

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