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Delegate Report:  Kevin Crezee, MS, RCP, RRT, RRT-NPS 

PACT Report: Dre Bender MBA, MHA, RRT & Jack Fried MBA, RRT

The GOLDen Path: The 2023 GOLD Strategy & the Future of COPD

Michael W. Hess, MPH, RRT, RPFT

Artificial Intelligence in Respiratory Care

Deryl Gulliford MHA, BS, RRT, FACCA, FAAMA

Home Monitoring of Post-Op High-risk Opioids – 14 Lives Saved!

Kim Bennion MsHS, RRT, CHC, FAARC

Caring for Our Caregivers: The Science Behind Compassion, Empathy and Burnout


Introduction to Diabetic Lung Disease

Kami Clark M. Ed, RRT

Nasal High Flow Therapy: An Evidence Based Approach

Chris Hutchinson

Physiological Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Wayne Woodward RPSGT

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