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Utah DOPL and Licensure info

Click the link above to look up current RT Licensure

Follow link above to apply or renew a license. See respiratory care practicing act and requirements 

General Licensure Information

58-57-4.  Qualifications for a license. 

(1) The division shall issue a respiratory care practitioner license to an applicant who meets the requirements specified in this section.

(2) An applicant seeking licensure as a respiratory care practitioner shall:

   (a) submit an application on a form prescribed by the division;

   (b) pay a fee as determined by the department pursuant to Section 63J-1- 504;

   (c) show evidence of good moral character;

   (d) possess a high school education or its equivalent, as determined by the

   division in collaboration with the board;

   (e) have completed a respiratory care practitioner educational program that is

   accredited by a nationally accredited organization acceptable to the division as

   defined by rule; and

   (f) pass an examination approved by the division in collaboration with the


License Renewal Timing 

(1) Each license issued under this chapter shall be issued in accordance with a two-year renewal cycle established by rule. A renewal period may be extended or shortened by as much as one year to maintain established renewal cycles or to change an established renewal cycle.

(2) Each license automatically expires on the expiration date shown on the license unless renewed by the licensee in accordance with Section 58-1-308.

The standard renewal is September 30th of even number years. The next biannual renewal date will be September 30th 2024.

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