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Job Descriptions
Complete descriptions can be found in the
Policies & Procedures Manual

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President (1-year term as President Elect, 2-year term as President, 1-year term as Past President): Oversees the functions of the Executive Director, conducts BOD meetings, ensures BOD following USRC Strategic and Operational Plans, appoints Committee Chairs, conducts BOD voting, writes letters on behalf of USRC, responds to inquires and complaints.

Vice President (2-year term): Assumes the duties of the President-Elect in the event of the President-Elect's absence; responds to complaints by members or non-member; coordinates the ballot and electronic voting for the annual election of officers and verifies all vote are from current AARC/USCR members; other duties as assigned by the President to support the function & operation of the USRC.

Secretary (2-year term): Takes meeting minutes at all USRC meetings; facilitates email communication to all board members as directed by the president; provides copies of meeting minutes and other documents as needed for all BOD meetings; other duties as assigned by the President to support the function & operation of the USRC.

Treasurer (2-year term appointed): Handles all financial responsibilities for the USRC.

Director (3-year term): Assists the President with the following: Ensure all Board members are following the USRC Strategic & Operational Plans; ensure Committee Chairs are completing their duties for the year; write letters on behalf of USRC for legislative and other issues as needed; respond to complaints by members or non-members.

Delegate (4-year term): Represents the USRC in the AARC House of Delegates; attends all meetings of the AARC House of Delegates; communicate information from the AARC House of Delegates to the USRC Board of Directors; at the direction of the USRC Board, present proposed amendments to the AARC Bylaws.

If you are interested in or would like to nominate someone for a BOD position, please 

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