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USRC Board of Directors Run-Off Election Ballot

Thank you for participating in the 2023 USRC Run-Off Election for Board of Directors-Director. Active AARC/USRC membership is required to validate your vote. The Voting period will be open February 26th to March 3rd (11:59 pm).

Please select one candidate for each office listed on the ballot. If you choose to write in a person for an office, please ensure that the person you write in is an ACTIVE member of the AARC/USRC.

Please input your AARC member number below prior to proceeding with the voting process. If ballots are submitted using the same AARC number, the only results recorded will be the last one received. Votes are kept confidential; your AARC number is used to validate votes only.

If you hold a Student Membership, you are not eligible to vote in this election. However, we look forward to your activity in the USRC after you graduate.



Graduated from WSC respiratory program in 82.  

MPAcc 1989


WSU Respiratory Therapy 1991-current

Write-In Vote. Must be an Active AARC Member

Thank you for Voting!

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