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Nominee: Ashton Dow

Nominated by: Kyle White


I am nominating Ashton because she is not only a phenomenal respiratory therapist, but a great leader as well. I have had the privilege of working with Ashton for the past 10 years. She transitioned into the PFT realm about 6 years ago, and has quickly become our lead PFT RT. One thing that sets Ashton apart is the fact that she is always available for questions, troubleshooting, and support of her fellow coworkers in the PFT lab. She oftentimes gets calls on her days off to help troubleshoot equipment and she does it willingly and with a smile. We recently had a meeting that she  led for our PFT RTs and I was so impressed and proud of the way she conducted the meeting with such a genuine interest in helping her fellow co-workers improve the care they provide. Ashton's patients absolutely love her as well. I oftentimes walk by The PFT labs in our outpatient clinic to round with the staff. As I listen to the way they are communicating and coaching their patients, it always makes me smile to see both the high level of technical skill as well as human skill. Ashton is exemplary of both of these.

Nominated by: Tammy Stucki

I have watched Ashton grow into a wonderfully caring Respiratory Therapist (from a baby RT). Her compassion towards others, especially her patients, can now be felt as she has become the PFT Lead at our facility. When I run into her PFT patients, they always say that Ashton makes them feel welcome and comfortable with their sometimes uncomfortable test. As the PFT leader for our department, Ashton has time after time, organized new processes and coached new PFTers in their new positions. I look forward to watching her career continue to progress in success.


Nominee: Michelle Colledge

Nominated by: Elizabeth Gepfrich


Michelle is one of the best RT’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is not only highly skilled, she consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for her patients. She is an exemplary team player who will make sure the job or task is done well. She is dependable not only as a coworker but also as a friend. I can trust that she has my back when we’re on shift together. Everyone we work with has the utmost respect for her and her expertise.

Nominated by: Jenny Withers

Michelle is a model RRT. Doctors, nurses, RT’s and everyone on shift know it’s going to be a good day when she is working. She has a drive to always improve & educate herself and always puts her patients first. She is never late, never sick, and extremely organized. She isn’t afraid to let people know if they are slacking. She is a friend to all and an example of excellence both in & outside the hospital. -Jenny RRT

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when Michelle walks in the room. Not only are her skills dependable, but her ability to remain calm in chaos is unmatched. Her genuine concern for her patients is felt throughout the entire family. It is an honor to work alongside her. -Sarah RN

“On labor and delivery each and every nurse sighs a sigh of relief when we see Michelle walk in the door for a delivery. She is so competent and excels in the care she gives that we all know any resuscitation needs will be met and carried out in a timely and effective manner.”-Alexis RN

In the labor and delivery room, amidst the whirlwind of emotions and the anticipation of a new life, there is a presence that brings a sense of calm and reassurance – the respiratory therapist Michelle that attends every delivery. With each arrival, her unwavering dedication and heartfelt commitment shine through, making a profound difference in the journey of each newborn and their family.

Her mere presence is a beacon of hope and safety, a comforting reassurance that things will unfold as best as they can. With a gentle demeanor and a soothing touch, she approaches each birth with a wholehearted devotion that is truly remarkable. Whether she is there to assist with the smallest tasks or to document the weight of a newborn, her care and attention never waver.

It is in her eyes, filled with compassion and experience, that one can see the depth of her commitment to every life she touches. Her Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) skills are nothing short of extraordinary, honed by years of dedication and countless moments where quick thinking and expertise have made all the difference.

Through her skill and expertise, she has become a guardian of life, a silent hero who has saved countless little ones and brought light to the darkest moments. In her hands, lives are transformed, and futures are safeguarded with unwavering dedication and unparalleled expertise.

In my 5 years of witnessing miracles unfold in the delivery room with her, her presence has been a constant source of comfort and reassurance, a guiding light in the midst of uncertainty. She is not just a Respiratory Therapist - she is a guardian angel, a pillar of strength and compassion who embodies the true essence of care and healing.

For every life she has touched, for every family she has stood beside, she is a beacon of hope and a symbol of unwavering dedication. In the heart of every newborn she has helped bring into the world, her legacy lives on – a testament to the power of love, skill, and the profound impact of a respiratory therapist who gives her all, every single day

Thank you and sincerely,

Cindy Price BSN, RN

Women and Newborn Nurse Manager

Park City Hospital

Nominee: Jennie Mancilla

Nominated by: Daniel W. Wright 


Jennie works nights in our baby LTAC and is very passionate about what she does. If we are short, she will automatically pick up, if we have people that are struggling with time management or charting, she is the first to help. She never complains, is open to help others, and is a pleasure to work with.


Nominee: Krystal Atkinson

Nominated by: Anonymous 


Krystal was very nice during my clinical and knew a lot of information. She was kind as a Respiratory Therapist.

Nominee: Kami Clark

Nominated by: Madison Randall 


She is an amazing preceptor. When I had her as my preceptor I was just starting to learn various things. So there was many times when I was confused about something but I had no idea on what question I should ask so I could understand. Kami always throughout the day would take her time to hear me out so we could figure out what I was confused by and she then helped me understand. When we had down time she always made sure to answer my question clearly and concise. She made me feel welcomed. When giving medications to patients, before entering the room we would talk about the medication, what it was, the different names for it, and how to give it. If I was super confused on something we would sit down and she would draw a diagram and write things down to help me. She made me excited to become a respiratory therapist. And she never ever made me feel stupid for asking questions and for not knowing a lot of things.


Nominee: Paige Heaps

Nominated by: Janelle Gardiner 

Paige Heaps was elected as the Class President for her cohort. She has organized a variety of activities in fulfilling the responsibilities of this position. She is always the first to volunteer to help organize, lead, or improve an endeavor within our department. She is dependable and hardworking. As an honors student, Paige has also consistently attended the monthly board meetings of the Utah Society for Respiratory Care (USRC). In the fall of 2023 Paige applied for and was selected as the USRC's House of Delegates (HOD) scholarship winner. In November 2023, she attended the House of Delegate meetings for the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) as a student guest in Nashville TN. She was among 21 students from across the United States who gathered to be mentored by and learn from society leaders in Respiratory Care. While in Nashville, Paige attended the International Congress to learn more about every aspect of respiratory care that she could during those four days.

As mentioned previously, Paige is an honors student. Her example of hard work, dedication, and integrity influences the students in the program and reflects positively on the Weber State Respiratory Therapy Department. She will complete the requirements for graduating with Respiratory Therapy Departmental Honors in April. As part of this, she will make a short presentation at the USRC Conference on April 5th. Paige is an excellent student. Her academic performance is among the top of her cohort. The quality of her coursework and assignments is outstanding. Paige is an excellent leader and compassionate caregiver. She is a big asset to the Respiratory Care profession and will continue to be so for years to come. 

Paige is currently working as a Respiratory Care Apprentice at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray. This employment has given her field experience above that required of her through clinical rotations and will position her well for a smooth transition into a position as a bedside Respiratory Therapist once she has obtained the credential and license necessary to do so.

In addition to being intelligent and skilled, Paige is also a delight to be around. She is kind and compassionate. She is a good friend and wants to contribute to the success of others as much as possible. She is currently one on one tutoring an AAS student to assist in their learning. Paige also volunteers her time to lead supplemental instruction open to the AAS cohort and creates resources for them to enhance learning outcomes. She has made a positive impact on her own cohort as well as the other cohorts in the program. Paige loves her cat, Chester, and is passionate about books and reading. In fact, she loves books and reading so much that she even has an Instagram account dedicated to it.

She is also the creator of the latest USRC t-shirt design.

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