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Nominee: Dr Peter Crossno

Nominated by: Kim Bennion

Dr Crossno is a phenomenal advocate for Respiratory Therapy.  He is our physician partner in clinical research as the medical director.  He continues to publicly praise the contribution of RTs.  He is a member of the AARC/USRC, took a delegation of RTs to a national research conference (the only physician to do so), is currently the principal investigator of a $2 million funded research study listing an RT as a co-principal investigator, and is a strong supporter of the Pulmonary Disease Navigator position.  He submitted a presentation for the AARC Congress this year and will be traveling with his team to Congress. Dr Crossno is highly professional leader of our profession and deserves this recognition.  

Nominee: Dr Robert Mazzola

Nominated by: Kim Bennion


Dr. Mazzola has been a mentor and advocate for Respiratory Therapists for years. He willingly has offered to take students, include them in research, serving as a Respiratory Therapy medical director, and serves as the RT DOPL board as the medical director. He insists on assisting us in our work on getting APRTs in Utah. 

Nominee: Dr Stephen Minton

Nominated by: Max Eskelson


I am writing to recommend Dr. Stephen Minton from the Respiratory Therapy Program at Utah Valley University. This would be for the annual award contribution / nomination.  As his current supervisor, I have had the opportunity to observe his commitment, dedication, and excellent performance in the field of respiratory therapy and face to face classroom education.

Dr. Minton has a strong educational background and possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to excel teaching in the Respiratory Therapy Program at UVU. He demonstrates a genuine passion for the field and a desire to stay up to date on the latest developments and techniques.

Dr. Minton’s clinical experience that is more than impressive. Dr. Minton has worked in various healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics, where he has demonstrated excellent communication skills with patients, families, and colleagues. His ability to work effectively in a team environment has been noted by his colleagues, and he is often sought out as a resource for guidance and support.

Dr. Minton has also shown a strong commitment to the profession outside of work. Dr. Minton has participated in professional organizations and events, including attending conferences, workshops, and seminars. He has also volunteered his time to help educate the public on the importance of respiratory therapy and the impact it can have on patient outcomes.

Overall, I have no doubt that Dr. Minton excels in the Respiratory Therapy Program. Dr. Minton possesses the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities needed to succeed in this field. I wholeheartedly recommend him for this honor.


Nominee: James Pippen

Nominated by: Whitney Fosmark 


James is a coordinator at St. Marks hospital that is always putting his coworkers and patients first above all. If something is asked of him he figures it out and takes the bull by the horns. James became a coordinator when COVID began to ramp up and acted as such a positive personality for all his coworkers, even when it felt like the world was coming down on healthcare. James stepped up when his director had to go on maternity leave and trained on everything he needed to in order to keep the department in good standing. He did this with a motivated spirit as well as made sure he did whatever he could to ensure nothing was missed. James also took the time to gain extra certifications such as becoming a CPFT RT to provide proper training within our PFT lab. James continues to show how much he prioritises his career and job field. He takes it seriously and does whatever he can to keep learning and grow as a RT and leader.

Nominated by: Jack Fried

James not only oversees adult care, he solves problems while establishing trust and fostering a culture of belonging. He encourages collaboration between all departments while providing support in weathering the changes during the Hospital expansion and the Covid 19 pandemic. He truly listens, sets good examples and backs his team. He takes an active interest in each person, treating them as a peer and knowing how to bring out the best of them. That includes people in other departments as well as his own. He approaches issues from multiple perspectives and formulates rational, practical solutions.


Nominee: Rick Carter

Nominated by: Kevin Crezee


Rick is the consummate educator with and without the title.  He has been a Respiratory Therapist for 27 years with 26 of those service critically ill newborn and pediatric patients at primary children’s hospital and also in transport with transport for many years.  He is a strong clinician at the bedside, but has spent years training Respiratory Therapists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Residents, Fellows, and Physicians on mechanical ventilation and the nuances associated caring for such a fragile patient populations .  He is one of the most passionate caregivers when it come to provide quality compassion care.  It is my pleasure to nominate Rick for Practitioner of the Year.  My appreciation and gratitude for your consideration.  

Nominee: Claire Davies

Nominated by: Dr. Peter Crossno 


Claire Davies is an established respiratory therapy force at Intermountain Medical Center.  She serves as one of our Pulmonary Disease Navigators (PDNs).  In this role, she takes on an extraordinary responsibility in multiple aspects of patient care.  As a PDN, she works on close patient follow-up and support for patients admitted with with COPD/Asthma exacerbations and facilitates outpatient care to reduce risk of hospital readmission, ensure patient inhaled medication and supplemental oxygen compliance and facilitates patient teaching.  Whilst doing this, she also assists inpatient teams in transitioning patient to home modalities of non-invasive mechanical ventilation.  She also participates in regular teaching of patients with chronic respiratory disease in conjunction with our pulmonary rehab department. Claire has been on the leading edge of developing a respiratory care supported outpatient tracheostomy clinic. Additionally, she participated in dyspnea teaching/counseling for patients recovering from Long COVID Syndrome.  Claire works tirelessly for the care of pulmonary and respiratory patients.  She collaborates with our interventional pulmonary program on ensuring proper post-procedural respiratory care for patients undergoing endobronchial valve placement for advanced COPD.  She is a golden asset to our tertiary pulmonary clinic (Schmidt Chest Clinic) and within the hospital facility at Intermountain Medical Center.  I can think of no respiratory therapist more worthy of such an honor.

Nominee: Troy Gotfredson

Nominated by: Micheale Cluff

Troy is an exceptional RT, both in his clinical expertise, as well as his care for patients, and their humanity. I recently received recognition from a patient who appreciated Troy holding her hand through a painful procedure. He was called to the bedside to 'protect the airway', but also found a way to care for the person beyond just a procedure. 
Troy is a life-long learner who is not afraid to question long-held assumptions, and is wiling to try new things. He participated as part of a pilot, tele-critical care program during the Covid19 pandemic. Through this role, Troy has been able to support many caregivers and patients and share his vast knowledge and care, expanding the reach of respiratory care. 
As a shared-leader, Troy is an amazing mentor to other RT's, and takes on assignments and challenges with an amazing attitude. He is a pleasure to work with, and continues to accept shifts at rural facilities outside of his home assignment and share his vast skillset in a variety of settings. Troy is an amazing advocate for the practice of respiratory care, for other RT's, and for his patients. I am proud to nominate Troy Gotfredson as the 2023 RT of the year!


Nominee: Kelsey Barnes

Nominated by: Jason Semple 


Kelsey Barnes is very personable and has a knack for teaching students in the hospital environment.  Students can always count on her to make the most of their clinical rotations.

Nominee: Keli Boggs

Nominated by: Jason Semple 


Keli Boggs has proven to be an outstanding preceptor.  Respiratory care students consistently comment on how passionate she is about her job, and how much she enjoys getting the students involved in patient care.


Nominee: Krystal Atkinson

Nominated by: Sherri Vasas 

Krystal is a great student! She is very inquisitive and detail oriented. She has kept a great focus throughout her education, and doesn't get distracted by other things that may take away from her education. Krystal juggles school, being a mom, work, and everyday life in a way that is generally very difficult for students in similar situations. It is very apparent by her actions that school and the field of Respiratory Therapy is very important to her. 
Krystal is a leader in the classroom and she stands up for what she feels is right and important. She is willing to go above and beyond what is asked and never does "minimal" work. This past fall, Krystal attended AARC Congress in New Orleans without outside funding. I believe this shows her dedication to the profession and her willingness to be involved and active in the future of the profession.

Nominee: Nathan Gurr

Nominated by: Madison Murdock 


He is always friendly to everyone and keeps the class atmosphere uplifting. He also has the best laugh that makes everyone smile.

Nominee: Wade Mather

Nominated by: Sarah Allred 


Wade is a one of a kind student! He came to respiratory with a previous degree in engineering who had worked with high frequency ventilation. Wade decided he wanted be at the bedside and make a difference to patients. He is brilliant and, yet, humble. Wade is always on top of things and extremely organized. He also stays very involved while balancing school, family life, and work. Wade was elected as president of his cohort and he leads his group very well. He is always looking for ways to make things better, and he communicates and works with people to help make improvements. 
Wade is extremely smart, and he is always willing to help other students understand concepts without making them feel dumb. Wade goes above and beyond to help others. He strives for excellence in all that he does. 
Wade applied for and received funding to participate in AARC Congress this past fall and he presented research that he worked on with Intermountain. Wade also attends most (if not all) of the USRC board meetings. He is committed to the profession and has and will continue to be a great contributor to the profession.

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