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No experience necessary.  BOD positions are open to ALL AARC/USRC members.   The USRC BOD will be holding elections soon!  The following positions are available for 2020. See attached for a comprehensive list of responsibilities:


Delegate (4-year term): Represents the USRC in the AARC House of Delegates; attends all meetings of the AARC House of Delegates; communicate information from the AARC House of Delegates to the USRC Board of Directors; at the direction of the USRC Board, present proposed amendments to the AARC Bylaws.


Director (3-year term): Assists the President with the following: Ensure all Board members are following the USRC Strategic & Operational Plans; ensure Committee Chairs are completing their duties for the year; write letters on behalf of USRC for legislative and other issues as needed; respond to complaints by members or non-members.


Secretary (2-year term): Takes meeting minutes at all USRC meetings; facilitates email communication to all board members as directed by the president; provides copies of meeting minutes and other documents as needed for all BOD meetings; other duties as assigned by the President to support the function & operation of the USRC.


Vice President (2-year term): Assumes the duties of the President-Elect in the event of the President-Elect's absence; responds to complaints by members or non-member; coordinates the ballot and electronic voting for the annual election of officers and verifies all vote are from current AARC/USCR members; other duties as assigned by the President to support the function & operation of the USRC.

If you are interested in running for any of the upcoming open BOD positions, please contact Kelly Rose at 

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